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About AJG Memorable Moments

Aundria Jackson-Gonzalez


         Over the last several years, I've had the privilege of helping those near and dear to me with planning weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and more. It started out as just wanting to be the helpful friend or cousin, but over time it quickly turned into a passion of the craft.

         In December of 2021, my husband and I got married. The year leading up to that was full of planners, redoing our wedding budget, wedding binders, online orders, Pinterest boards, convincing my now husband that we needed personalized napkins (we didn't), DIY decorations and more. I think its safe to say it could have been defined as chaotic, but the it was the fun kind of chaos. It only further solidified my love for creating these events and watching a simple idea be turned into an extravagant, tangible thing. 

          I decided a few months shy of my own wedding that I wanted to start my own business in the wedding and event planning industry. So, I did exactly that. Creating a rough business plan and filing all the correct paperwork, AJG Memorable Moments, LLC officially launched early 2022. 

          Within the first few months, I was able to showcase events and weddings under the AJG Memorable Moments name. This allowed me to continue adding more memorable moments on the calendar (that I cannot wait for), and I'd love to include yours! I strive to ensure that each event is specially curated to meet your needs and wants. Throughout the years I have connected with some amazing local, small businesses all over Oklahoma that will give the personalized attention that each event deserves. I've learned some tips and tricks (and secrets), of the trade that I actively utilize to further allow your vision being achievable and within your budget.  Let me help you plan something amazing and bring those Pinterest boards to life! 

Have a few quick questions? You can text me any time at:


or click the "Contact Me" button below to send an email! 

Happy Planning!


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