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How to Effectively Use Signs for Your Wedding

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So you've seen the cute wedding signs everywhere from Facebook, to Pinterest, even Tiktok, but what are the advantages of using signs for your big day? Do they actually add to the event? Or are they just another wedding trend that’ll be out of style before you can say “I do”? We’ve compiled a short list of signs that can be utilized to minimize guest confusion and make your big day go just a little more smoothly!

#1 Welcome Signs

Signs can be used out front to help guests locate your venue with certainty.

This tip is especially useful if your location isn’t a typical wedding venue, it’s a venue where multiple events may be taking place, or you have out of town guests who may not be sure if that darn GPS took them to the right location!

The sign lets guests know they’re in the right place and welcomes them in without needing to ask, “Are we in the right place?”

#2 Seating Arrangements

Use signs to indicate to guests the seating arrangements during your ceremony so no one is left wondering where to go. Invite wedding guests to sit wherever they please, or indicate you’d prefer a more traditional seating arrangement where your family and friends are on one side of the aisle and your partner’s family and friends take up the opposite side, or maybe you and your partner are known for a particular fandom divide in the house—so invite your guests to sit on the side of the aisle that they’d vote for (some ideas include: having guests vote on favorite sports team, Star Wars vs Star Trek, or dog people vs cat people—go wild! It’s your wedding!)

A benefit of seating people by the voting method is it gives people a fun and easy built-in conversation topic while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

#3 Wedding Hashtag(s)

Want all of the pictures your guests take to be easy to find after the event? Encourage your guests to tag their pictures with your custom wedding hashtag! By having a large sign (or multiple small ones) with this information easily accessible at your venue, guests will know exactly how to tag their pictures and posts of your wedding for ease of access to you and your new beau! This is especially helpful if you enjoy scrapbooking or memory collectors but don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the task of reaching out to every individual on your guest list to ask for pics.

#4 Announce it’s an unplugged wedding

Going in direct opposition to the last point—maybe you hired a top tier photographer and videographer team and desire a complete lack of phones and personal cameras in the shots of your wedding. Due to how much tech (and phones specifically!) are integrated into our everyday lives, we highly recommend having multiple gentle reminders throughout your venue if going this route. Even the most well-intentioned wedding guests can think they’re doing you a favor by capturing that oh-so-perfect wedding kiss shot—not realizing there’s a professional photographer juuuust out of their line of sight.

#5 Menu or drink signage

Utilize a sign to let guests know what the food options are—this is especially useful if you opt for more of a self-serve or buffet-style food option.

Guests can look over the options and have an idea of the offerings before getting to the front of the buffet and suddenly being overwhelmed or stuck in decision paralysis.

Similarly, if you choose to serve drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) at your venue, then signage can tell guests what the offerings are, if there’s a special bride/groom’s drink, and/or if it’s an open bar or pay-per-drink situation.

Whether you’re planning a 100+ guests wedding or a small, intimate occasion, signage can eliminate some of the common questions and concerns of your guests and help them navigate the space with more confidence. Still unsure if signs are for you and your event? Reach out to us at AJG Memorable Moments and let us help you plan and determine what might help your wedding go off without a hitch!

Congrats to you and your lucky spouse! We look forward to helping you make this occasion an especially memorable moment!

-The AJG Memorable Moments Team

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