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Surviving Spring Storms: A Guide to Planning Outdoor Events

Planning your wedding, birthday, or retirement party outdoors is a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be stressful when the weather is unpredictable. Rain, hail, and strong Oklahoma winds, can quickly turn a beautiful outdoor event into a disaster. To ensure your Spring Fling doesn’t turn into a soggy situation, you'll need to plan for any weather challenge and know how to quickly convert your outside event into a beautiful inside event. This survival guide will help you execute a successful celebration, no matter what the weather brings.

forecast showing rainy weather
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Step 1: Check the Weather Early and Often

The most important step when executing an outdoor event is keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. Be aware of typical weather conditions for your region and remember to check the forecast at least a week in advance. Keep checking it up to the day of the event. Weather conditions can change quickly, so it's important to stay updated. Check the temperature, precipitation, wind, and other relevant factors that may affect your event. If the forecast is calling for severe weather, it's time to activate your backup plan.

Step 2: Secure a Backup Venue

Having a backup plan is essential when planning a large outdoor gathering. Even the best weather forecast can't guarantee perfect weather conditions. Avoid any potential last-minute panic by reserving a location with indoor and outdoor facilities that you can quickly convert in the event of inclement weather. Or rent a tent and have a dedicated group that knows how to assemble it in a pinch should the weather turn mid-event. If the alternate location is off-site then be sure to check the availability of the backup venue in advance and have a clear plan for how to move the event indoors.

an indoor buffet table and food for a large event

Step 3: Vendor and Décor Arrangements

If you relocate your event, then you'll need to make vendor and décor arrangements to ensure everything runs smoothly. Start by contacting your vendors and suppliers to inform them of the change of plans and check that they can still provide their services indoors. Alternate arrangements may also need to be made for seating, lighting, and decorations to create a beautiful indoor atmosphere. Consider using projectors, colored lights, or other lighting effects to create a mood that matches the theme of your event. If you have a theme that's related to the outdoors, you can use elements like trees, plants, and flowers to create an indoor garden atmosphere.

Step 4: Communicate with Your Guests

Communication is key to surviving an outdoor event gone awry. Keep your guests informed of any changes in plans and provide them with all necessary information. Send out updates via email, social media, or phone calls to keep everyone in the loop. If relocating off-site from your original plan, be sure to provide clear instructions on where the new location is and how to get there. If you're moving the event indoors, let guests know what to expect and how the atmosphere will be different from the original outdoor plan. You can also use this opportunity to encourage guests to wear appropriate attire for the new location.

Step 5: Make the Most of the Indoor Space

Guests are less likely to notice the change in plans if you are prepared to make the most of your new space. Establish a floor plan that maximizes the available space and makes it easy for guests to move around. Use the right lighting, decorations, and music to create a beautiful atmosphere. Consider using LED screens or projectors to display images or videos related to the theme of your event. Create different areas within the space for different activities, such as a dance floor, a seating area, and a food and beverage area. This will help you create a stunning and memorable event that everyone will enjoy: rain or shine.

a beautifully decorated and aesthetically lit reception hall in a wedding venue


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